Excellence in flexible packaging

Founded in 1992 in Diadema, a town in the state of Sao Paulo, Finepack is one of the most versatile and competitive manufacturers of flexible packaging in today’s Brazilian market. Located in the strategic region of Itupeva, Finepack has end-to-end control of the production process, from the extrusion of raw materials to the conversion of plastic film, which undergoes the flexography or rotogravure printing processes.
By investing in technology with certified, optimized processes, Finepack makes high-quality flexible packaging
that meets the safety and barrier requirements for all kinds of products.

Flexo and Gravure
30 years

Innovation in

  • Box pouch and stand-up pouch
  • Diverse substrates, such as LDPE, PP, PET, ALU,
  • BOPP and paper
  • High-barrier solutions (retort packaging), ideal for processed food
  • Zip-lock system and Laser for easy opening
  • It caters to the various market segments (food, drinks, pet food, consumer goods, personal care and household products, etc.)

Wrappers, flow-packs, labels, sachets

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Technology and quality

  • Flexography and rotogravure in the same plant
  • German technology by Windmöller & Hölscher
  • Quality and productivity
  • Flexibility in minimal batches
  • Fast delivery times
  • Solventless and solvent-based processes
  • Different structures with various types of substrates
  • Sustainable mono-material solutions
  • Compatible with cold sealing methods
  • Vacuum conventional metalization and transparent (ALOX)
  • German technology by Windmöller & Hölscher
  • Polyethylene film production
  • Rigorous thickness control
  • Specialty resin blends
  • Enables the conjugation with post-consumer recycled plastics
  • Operational from 2021
  • We prepare our own paints and varnishes
  • Automatic dispensing system by GSE Netherlands
  • Fast and precise development of special colors
  • Sustainable concept of paint reuse by reinserting them into the process

Precision and specialty


Digital plate-making technology (CtP)
Direct laser engraving technology (DLE)
Seamless rubber cylinders
GMG proofing
Fast delivery times


German electroplating technology by
Kaspar Walter

GMG and GMS proofing
Enables the conjugation of different layouts
Flexibility in minimal batches
Fast delivery times


Prepress and flexography printing services
Image editing and art adjustments
Specialized staff
GMG contractual proofing
Faithful color management

Certified management

Through the integrated management system the growing Finepack is committed to:

> Meet customer expectations with continuous improvement in quality, food safety and sustainability;
> Seek innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology;
> Provide flexible packaging, in accordance with applicable requirements assumed with the customers;
> Influence sustainable actions, to protect the environment and prevent pollution;
> Promote the employees development, according to the guidelines of the integrated management system;
> Comply with applicable laws and other applicable requirements;
> Ensure effective communication.

Our clients

Produce and supply high performance flexible packaging that exceed the expectations of our customers, with competence, safety and respecting the environment.

To be recognized as one of the most prestigious companies in the market of flexible packaging through excellence in manufacturing and innovation.

  • Customer satisfaction and product quality are our top priorities.
  • Benefitting the local community through job creation and professional training.
  • Turn profit into investment.
  • Our activities will always protect the environment.
  • People are the essence of the company; their ethics and engagement are reflections of our success.
  • Guarantee returns to partners.
  • Truth, honesty, justice, loyalty, and transparence are the fundamental principles of our compliance rules.

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