Pioneer in purchasing high-tech equipment, Finepack is constantly in search of new concepts and procedures for flexographic and rotogravure printing. Therefore, all Finepack customers can always rely on high quality packaging and make the most of this powerful Marketing tool. Finepack always aims at manufacturing with excellence, investing in employee training and in state-of-the-art resources. .

Check out some of Finepack`s cutting edge equipment in flexographic and rotogravure printing.

Flexographic Printers:

PrimaFlex: Designed for printing packages with a maximum printing width of 1270 mm and a repeat length of 380mm to 800mm at a maximum speed of 300m/min. With a Gear Less system, it enables a superior reduction of setup time. For jobs that require superior quality, PRIMAFLEX C is the most suitable machine.

MiraFlex AM-8: Manufactured by Windmöller & Hölscher, this equipment was designed for printing packages with a maximum printing width of 1270 mm and a repeat length of 380mm to 800mm at a maximum speed of 400m/min. and a diameter up to 1000mm. It comprises the modern "Easy Set" and "Easy Reg D" systems, as well as the "Premium BST Control" computerized monitoring system, which allows a superior reduction of setup time, providing both savings and high quality.

Rotogravure printers:

HelioStar SL: Manufactured by Windmöller & Hölscher, this equipment was designed with the state-of-the-art rotogravure technology for printing packages up to 9 colors with Cold Seal application. The fantastic technological developments of HELIOSTAR SL allow simultaneous 7-color printing on the front and 2 colors on the back online. With a maximum printing width of 1300 mm and a repeat length of 400 mm to 920 mm at a maximum speed of 400m/min. Finepack has two of these machines.

Laminating Equipment

NEXUSdual: Designed by NEXUS Comexi, NEXUSdual can operate with or without solvents, in addition to its operation with Cold seals, Heat seals, lacquers, varnish and even one color rotogravure printing, all including register. Its approximate speed is of 400m/min. Technical advances include: Shaft-less Technology, high-performance drying system, Quick Plug-in system, which allow achievement of a higher productivity without compromising maximum reliability.

Super Combi 3000: Manufactured by Nordmeccanica, Super Combi 3000 features outstanding flexibility in its configurations to suit most types of jobs. The equipment is designed for solvent based, water based or solvent less adhesives. It has 2 high capacity driers working independently, thus obtaining a more efficient drying in the lamination. Its speed is approximately 400 m / min.


Titan SR8: Manufactured by the English company Atlas (BOBST Group), the Titan SR8 slitter rewinder was designed for high scale production. Its speed is 600 m / min, with high quality rewinding. The Titan SR8 has developed high technology parts comprising the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and technological control areas, to ensure the customer the delivery of a flawless and excellent product.


Finepack offers a complete line of electroplating and cylinder engraving through an electromechanical process, relying on a very modern processing center for turning, grinding and polishing cylinders by CFM-KW of the Germany company K. Walter. The equipment automatically controls the diameter of the cylinders with a precision of 0.001 mm and provides copper and chrome-plated gravure cylinders, as well as the K-50 Hell engraver, which ensures a high quality in the cylinders engraving process.